I can't change the world, but I can change the live of one child!

My public presence causes responsibility. My chritianity causes responsibility. I want to realize both and use my chances to agitate for Compassion! Proverbs 31,8: 'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.'

I passed my childhood in the central republic of africa for 10 years - far from civilization. The local habitants were my playmate.
During a trip in an coutry that was similar poor I had to see thoughtless tourists pouring away their coconut milk they didn't like. Kids from the slums were watching it with big eyes. I could feel with them. What a slap in their face! I was angry and moved to tears at the same tim. A picture of our situation: We live in superabundance and thoughtless waste - instead of sharing with others. It saddens my heart to see so many children worldwide suffering so extremly.
I can't help it beeing born in a rich country. The poor child can't help it neither. We can give at least one Child a chance of enhancement, food, medical help, education, closeness, valuation, ... and faith!

Kid from Uganda

God says (as in the world's beginning) directed also to this child: 'And behold, you are very good!' Our testimonial as christian shall show itself in the help (physical and emotional) of needy person. With a sponsorship we can help a child and in addition highlight for this child, that it is of value!

And why Compassion?
With Compassion not foreigners are looking after the children, but native helpers from the local churches. They know about extremly suffering kids. This kids get chosen for the relief project. The field help know the individual need - sometimes even first-hand. They can enable the contextuell best aid.
And what more? With some relief organizations there is missing substance with regard to contents or after a good start it gets lost more and more. But that is essential beside of the external help and not to lose sight of. God loves this kid! The children shall know that and experience it.

Become a sponsor

CompassionHere blessingful help can emerge out of compassion!
Jesus says: 'Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me'
Mark 9, 37

That's an additive motivational argument for a sponsorship. I could convince myself about the great work in Uganda. Please brief yourself at Compassion. I am open for your questions.

Erster Kontakt
First contact with some children in a project

Essen austeilen
Sharing food - it was a kind of milk pudding

Tricksen mit den Kindern
Childs in Africa also like legerdemain...

Kurzer Film-Einspieler

Aufnahmen in einem Projekt

I was visiting several projects in Uganda. A professionell cameraman was attending me these days (see pic above). You can look forward to ...

One afternoon there was an outstanding meeting, that you can see already in this short clip:

Viewers Comments

»The atmosphere was extremely tense. You could feel how deeply the show touches you and the audience. I had goose bumps.«

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