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Longlasting work & End in sight - March 2012

After years of planing, sketching, refusing and reconstructing... The prop will be ready soon and the rehearsal can start! The illustrating illusion is meant to be a deciding help for many. I recognize a lack of broaching the issue of the eternity. I hope to fill this at times existing gap. I'm looking forward to the outcome - some day!
Update (July 2012) - here is a Sneak-Preview-Pic:


Viewers sawn in half - September 2011

Normally my assistents are involved in this kind of illusion. However (!!), I often get asked from viewers, if i could saw them in half. Dunno why?! Well, this can be realized now ;-)
For example it was applied at a camp some days ago:
Before... & ... afterwards.

A nice little Meeting... - May 2011

A 7-year old child recognizes me in the crowd at the day after an apperance. She is spontaneously crying 'Mr.Joy', running towards me and hugging me. Shortly after she is noticinf what she is doing and running fastly away again. :)
I'm priviledged to experience nice things and am remembering: Jesus loves the children!

Statement about a broadcast - April 2011

I was requested by a magazine to give a statement about an actual broadcast, that was mixing biblical wonders and illusions. If you understand German click here to read it (or let it be translated).

The Compassion-Video is complete - January 2011

It's done! The announced promo has been completed now. Here you can find the video. To get more Infos about my work for disadvantaged persons and what you can do click here.

Viewers Comments

»No viewer will ever forget this again! That the Good News can be communicated so clearly and yet playfully - I would have never expected!«

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