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Mr. Joy Mr. Joy (Karsten Strohhäcker) was born September 20th, 1974, in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. He grew up in the Republic of Central Africa until he was 10 years old, then spent his teenage years in Nürtingen and Nassau. By now he studies Math, Sports, Physics, Theology and Religious Studies (first in Würzburg, now in Heidelberg) and works at the University of Heidelberg as an assistant lecturer.

For more then 15 years by now he performed an extremly wide ranging show programs. During his more than 1,500 shows he experienced the Lord's presence, protection and guidance in many wonderful ways. Thereby every appereance is important to him (wether there are 20 people watching or 20,000).

Mr. Joy:
"It's awesome to get the chance to reach out to people as an artist and time and again to marvel at what God does. After the example of the Biblical parables, I try to use my stunts as an extraordinary way to get HIS word across to people and bring it close to them. For example the unleash-stunt that illustrates how God is able to set you free. Because I have developed many of such „parables“, it's possible for me to adapt to every topic an audience. I try hard to pay heed to the fact that non-believers will be impacted by the show. It is great that hosts have realized this and that they invite me especially because of this."


Mr. Joy is possibly one of the most talented and multifaceted illusionists and cabaretists in Europe. Here you will find some examples of his repertoire. Parts of his show like artistry, illusions, juggling, close-up or mirages.

Juggling All (un-)thinkable objects hurtle and whirl high up through the air when Mr. Joy gets started. His playing with gravity also includes unique and award-winning juggling variations. The message is woven in as well: during one juggling variation, for example, the audience is given an understanding of the Gospel in a visual as well as audible way. A member of the audience on „the Gospel by balls“: „This no viewer will ever forget again! That the Good News can be communicated so clearly and yet playfully – I would have never expected!“.

Artistry One of Mr. Joy's strenghts are artistic show parts in the area of equilibration (unicycle, penny-farthing, ladder). Sometimes these also include sort of a slapstick involvement of the audience into the performance.

Escape Here you might also want to mention the spectacular unleasing-stunts. The most dangerous stunt of Mr. Joy is the Deathbed! PURE HIGH TENSION! One of the staff members told: „The atmosphere was extremely tense. You could feel how deeply the show touches you and the audience. I had goose bumps.“

Illusions Spectacular show on a professional level! This category is ment for big stages and audiences. If stunningly something happens to a person (e.g. someone disappearing on stage and suddenly showing up in the audience) this is seen quite well from the farthest corner. To bring this area of his work to perfection Mr. Joy also works with specialists from Las Vegas. Concerning the getaway-box-illusion one host manager said: „I have watched Hans Klok. If he is called to be the fastest illusionist, what's with Mr. Joy? Is there an Ultra-Fastest?“.

Mirages / Stand-Up Magic
StandUp-Magic The plenty of Mr. Joy's abilities and his variety also shows off in single sub-categories. With this form of art he knows how to raise amazement and fascination in both young and old. No matter whether he does tricks with cards, knots razor blades on a string in his mouth (!), links rings or vanishes and puts objects in impossible places. At the end, two things remain: the amazement and the question „How on earth does he do that?!“ One viewer said: „I have no idea how it works. I could watch you for hours.“

Close Up Small effects of everyday objects hit it big on big screen. Here Mr. Joy shows what can be done with coins, toy cars or simply common cards. As an example of Close-Up with coins you can see a video here (in the video-section). One viewer said: „A great idea! I have seen this five times by now and still have no clue how it works! Both is genious: the effect and the content as well! Wow!“.

Show-Styles There is a German building center which has a slogan like this: „There is no such thing as 'Doesn't work'“. This would also hold true for Mr. Joy. There is a long list of possible applications and potential show environments: special „Joy-“evenings, tent evangelisation, homless shelter, (youth) services, prisons, cruise ships festivals, conventions, youth gatherings, staff celebrations, family days, school activities... To make it short: Mr. Joy is highly flexible regarding his show-styles and application areas. May it be short fillers or feature-length programs. If you are interested in a gig – just ask! Here are some references as an example.

As divers as show-styles are, so are Mr. Joy's target groups. Yet, teenagers and young people are especially close to Mr. Joy's heart. To minister to them at their important life stage and to tell them the Good News is the intense concern of Mr. Joy and his team. One student's feedback: ServingTheAudience„Why can't we have such a thing more often at our school? I definetly will visit the show tonight!“.
And a headmaster said: „You are always welcome here! It's fascinating how you commit yourself to the students. I'm overwhelmed and speechless.“

„Wow! He absolutely serves and adores the individual in a big audience.“

An important questions for any host: what does a Mr.Joy-gig cost us? One thing ahead: fees should not be a hindrance – for Mr. Joy wants every host to have the chance of inviting him and thereby share the Gospel. Therefore, if you are interested in inviting Mr. Joy, simply contact him and there will be a way concering fees. By the time you order the information folder, you will also receive a detailed list about fee suggestions. To guarantee low costs for visitors and guests it might be a good idea to cooperate with sponsors or to draw on available subsidies or funds from local authorities. With incoming fees Mr. Joy refinances his requsites, technology, car, charges and other expences... He trusts in God's promise „Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap... But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.“ So finances should never be a hindrance. We absolutely appreciate to talk frankly about this topic.

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»I have no idea how it works. I could watch you for hours!«

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