Videos of Mr. Joy

We have to excuse: As the most viewers are from Germany the videos were recorded in this language. At least most of them were additionally subtitled. The performances abroad are naturally always in English.

If you are interested, you can find an old TV appearance on "ERF" from 2008 through this link at youtube.
(Due to rights we can't embed it here.)

Others conjure with rabbits - Mr. Joy with 3,5 tons
Video dates from 2007

Some of Mr.Joy's grand illusions - taped at a live performance with the assigned theme: "Men, where are you?"
Video dates from 2008

A buildup from 2008 in fast motion

Gospel Magic with the biblical watchword of 2015

Gospel Magic with the biblical watchword of 2009

Gospel Magic with the biblical watchword of 2007

Gospel Magic with the biblical watchword of 2006

More biblical watchwords you can find on youtube:
(Due to rights we can't embed them here..)
Dated from the Year 2014 click here
Dated from the Year 2013 click here

Another old TV appearance on "EV TV" Ulm from 2006
(Not subtitled.)

A little 'special' clip from Uganda
You can find more infomations after watching the clip here.

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»I never experienced anything touching like this. Fantastic! Simply thank, thank, thank you!«

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