Team-Informations : Nina Elsner - ASSISTANT

Nina Elsner

Even if you might think so: No, Nina (former Strohhäcker - now Elsner) and Karsten are not related by birth or marriage. At least, as far as we know. Yet, if someone is intersted in ancestry research...

We all agree that Nina fits right in - not only because of her name or Swabian background. She has a lot of dancing experience - namely with »Sportler ruft Sportler« (

Yes! A big advantage for her work as assistant and great contribution to the show. Get fascinated!

Assignment for Mr. Joy:


Academic studies, theology and biology (teaching degree for secondary schools)

Favorite music:
Not easy to describe... Everything in between good HipHop and godd Rock.

Three things, belonging to a lonely island:
A dear man, good food and a candle.

Favorite movie(s):
Dance movies like Center Stage, Save the last dance; but also many others comic, dramatic, sloppy...

Hobbies & Interests excluding »Mr. Joy«:
Dance, jogging, sports, being in the great outdoors, meeting nice people, to loiter around in Heidelberg, shopping, travel, listen to music, watch great movies...

In my fridge are:
Not only in the fridge, but there need to be fruit, coffee, sweets, yoghurt around and the rest.

I can laugh about:
Comedy of the situation

That exasperates me:
If someone is stealing my new (!!) hazelnut spread (!!!) labeled (!!) with my name (!!) out of the fridge.

A place I like to be at:
At the Neckar, in the great outdoors, in my bed, on my balcony, in the sun and at home - black forrest (ok, that were more than one place...)

Something I'm anxious to do:
Travel some countries.

Something I never did understand:
Why all my plants shrink.

Favorite person in the bible:
Ruth is an awesome women... but apart from that Jesus naturally.

Favorite biblical saying:
Hm well many... The biblical watchword of 2007 is wonderful and appropriate for me: 'Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.' (Jesaja 43, 19)

My philosophy of life:
I don't have a real one...

Last chance - to get that off your chest:
I'm looking forward to all the actions with Mr. Joy & Crew.

Viewers Comments

»I never experienced anything touching like this. Fantastic! Simply thank, thank, thank you!«

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