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Karsten Strohhäcker

According to my ID card apparently Karsten Strohhäcker

Yes - I guess so... I'm born in Örnsköldsvik - that's located in the nothern part of Sweden.

Stations in life
Afterwards I was engraves through 10 years of staying in Doaka. Where is that? It's a little village in the Central Republic of Afrika (in the middle of Afrika). Than I was living in Nürtingen, Nassau, Schriesheim, Dossenheim, Schriesheim, more to come...

Academic studies of mathematics, physics, sportsciences (University Würzburg & Heidelberg) - now Magister: Sportscience, theology, science of religions (Uni Heidelberg) and 'by the way' the work as Mr.Joy and with a teaching assignment at the University of Heidelberg

Favorite music:
Many different! But several not to excesive...
Genious are orchestra soundtracks (eg Hans Zimmer), well that's maybe because of my stage job.

Favorite movie(s):
Inspiring films that lead to reflection (eg Dead man walking), a lot of different (!) thriller, some (!) comedy

Eating, film, doing magic, juggling and more

In my fridge are:
Milk, pyrothread, pyropaper & pizza (mostly that's it)

I can laugh about:
Hui - different things, many things: mainly slapstick, Mr.Bean, good humor, etc. (definitivly not about things, that I have to see today too often: humor at the expense of others and primitive gags below the belt)

That exasperates me:
Liberal tolerance thinking (I'm not careless - humans are important for me!)
& Arrogance (therefore the creator gets lesser)

A place I like to be at:
Island/Grönland, Las Vegas (to study) & America (visit Andre Kole, and others), etc. and somewhen also to Israel

Something I never did understand:
- How people get along with their suffering without God.
- One of the worldwide dumbest phrase: 'Seeing is believing.'
- Why after parousia of Jesus many people still won't turn back.
- How unimaginable omnipotent God has to be.

Favorite person in the bible:

Favorite biblical saying:
'But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.' Matthew 6,33
'The Joy of the Lord is my strength.' Nehemiah 8,10
'Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. ... But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign LORD my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.' Psalm 73, 23-24 & 28
to be continued...

My philosophy of life:
I once said spontaniously during a TV Interview: 'To live, so God is glad with it and communicate that as much as possible.'
Having said this, than psalm 73,28

Last chance - to get that off your chest:
Think about your moribundity, so you get clever!

!Important! !Important! !Important!

I want to employ this side to thank YOU! That's extremly important for me! My performances and service are depending on you. I could write about each of the following persons: 'Without you my work wouldn't be possible!'

Thank you for comming, for watching and for listening. Thank you for each clap!

Thank you for your feedback, your support, your motivation and for coming back again and again!

Without you there wouldn't be the chance to reach people through my gifts. Thank you for all the work, all your patience, your visions and your bravery! Thank you for your confidence, your invitation, your financial support, work bevor and afterwards! Continuing fruitfullness!

Thank you for all the kind and serviceable grip with the buildup and cutback!! Thank you for all decorating, advertising, strategy, initiative, catering, cleaning and all rework afterwards. I was allowed to get to know a lot of wonderful persons! Thanks to all who helped undetected in the background and maybe because of that didn't get an 'official' thank you (eg some, who extraordinary loving and serving did start alone in the hall at 4 o'clock in the night working with the vacuum cleaner, etc.).

Friends, Parents, Sarah:
Thank you for your love, your patience, your consideration, your forgiving, your untiring regard and understanding and your support and much more! You are wonderfull! And: Thanks for the snacks ;-)

Assitentants/dancers (Stefanie, Dani, Anita, Simone, Simone, Nina) - Singer (Jule) - Management (Dave) - former assistants/dancers (Almuth, Desi, Natascha, dance-team Backnang, Maya, Sarah, Hellen). Regrettably there is no comparative form for humbleness. If there would be one, it would fit you! Thank you for all your contributions of time and love to this project!

Donators and praying men:
Thanks to all contributors - I use it best possible! Thanks for each single prayer - please keep praying! With the word of Paul: 'You all are partakers of grace with me.' (Philippians 1,7)

GOD bless you all for your love!

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