JOY-Day & Nina - 15.10.2007

This day a meeting of exchange took place with all assistants and our manager. We look forward to the coming activities in the future and are thankful for all experienced!


A HEARTY welcome to our new team member Nina!! Here you can find out more about here. The training with here did start already. Thus 3 assistents are sharing the jobs it will be more often possible to incooperate the grand illusions.


Our brand new grand illusion did also get tested for the first time. You are allowed to look forward to see it! ;-)

Spiesse Oh Weh

After seeing this new illusion Nina did maybe think: 'Oh my! In what did I get involved?' ;-)

No, ... she can't wait to amaze you and directy wanted to start with the difficult illusions!

At this point: Thanks for all feedback locally, via mail and in our guestbook. Thank you very much for all motivation given through that! We stay tuned!

Trickbetrayal - 13.07.2007

Again and again I am asked: 'How did you do that?'

Okay, for you I will make one last exception. I will tell you, what never would be figured out: While using your mouse of your computer magically an arrow is moving at a totally different place (your screen) in every possible direction and edges. Wow! How is that done?!? I will let the secret out now: Click here.

(Itīs a japanese page. Cause the server is far away, it may take a while till the datas are loaded. So this trick enlightenment will maybe cost some time. An additional insidertip: sound on - move the mouse fast and than stop moving - check also pressing the left mouse button ...)

After this exception my lips will stay closed again ;-)

2 Press reactionen - 13.07.2007

Over and over is the official press coming to my shows. Here are 2 articles of the last days, that where sent to me.

Here about an afternoon for families.

This one was found in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung about the assignment at 9.7. in the mornings at the village fair of Hirschberg-Leutershausen:


Grand illusion: Joy-Mobil out of nowhere! - 18.05.2007

Itīs maybe a MEGA-illusion - at least seen from the dimensions. The Joy-Mobil is my van, used to transport my equipment all around to the show places. And exactly this van will appear 'peng'.

Some days ago, we did record this concept. I am looking forward to your reaction. Itīs always exciting to see, if an idea is really possible to play out and if the illusion is also occuring in the heads of the viewers. For each challenge the realisation of the deception must be contrived and I have to put myself in the non-Knowing viewers position - quasi to view everything with their eyes, to sense if itīs deceptive...

Here are some pics of the day of shooting:


It has been recorded. Soon you can see the movie online. Come back and be baffled. ;-)

What was with my page? - 10.05.2007

Unfortunately there are people, who intentionally want to damage others. Some hackers did find a security gap and use it for there abuse. Therefor we did need to interfere and take it offline to avoid further damage.

Edit: The page is back online. We regrettably needed to remove some nice functions.

Trust - 02.05.2007

Wow! In the middle of the starting sequence for my high unicycle routine (I make some gags about possible falls and torchdrops) suddenly a small girl (about 6-8 years old) came very excited and crying to me. I asked here: 'What's it about?' She: 'I am afraid!!' Than I could appease her with the secret, that I extremly trained and did it very often and am only joking - but psssst... with this secret she went pacified back to her seat. She was smiling and proud of the entrusted (only to her).
It was an extremly exciting and fascinating situation!
I guess, no - I am sure, she wouldnīt have been coming to me, if it would have been a routine after the first 10 minutes of the evening. She would have gone to her mother close to her. But after an hour there was anscheinend so much trust, that she came with her fears directly to me. This situation was very impressive for the attendant crowd. For the host it was the highlight of a successful show: '..., the viewer were thrilled, your shared message was natural and honest and especially, this small girl had so much confidence and did come with her concern diretly to you...'

Pirate of the caribean - 22.04.2007

At 8 a clock in the morning about 30 degrees Celsius - where is that possible?


2 weeks in the caribean with a cruise ship! I was booked from the CVJM Bayern.
One week ago I came back, and was affected by many unforgettable impressions. The route was:
Havanna (Kuba) - Playa del Carmen (Mexiko) - Cozumel (Mexiko) - Santo Tomas (Guatemala) - Puerto Cortes (Honduras) - Puerto Limon (Costa Rica) - Cristobal (Panama) - Cartagena (Kolumbien) - Port Antonio (Jamaika) - Santo Domingo (Dominikanische Republik)

Also a hard-working time: In addition to the shows on board (including all hidden prework and postprocessing), I was holding devotions, part of the separate youth programm, giving workshops, tutorials, close up work, conversations and more.

I always try to question my work, especially this special commitment. How do I spend my time? How far do I help people as artiste, also in their faith? Whom do I give the glory? Are my gifts really needed here? At the beginning I thought, I could maybe spend them somewhere else in a more useful way. But than the commitment did get strongly fulfilled through the grown personal confidence, followed with many pastoral and very deep conversations, some new starts and some blessings. Great. There was a lot thankful feedback given. The work was worthwhile.

Naturally it was a very nice special bonus along the way to experience the wonderful scenery and culture. It would be too much to describe, some pictures may speek for themselves:























The last day I did take a flu with me as a souvenir (air conditionings are dangerous) and will hopefully soon get over it.

Directly after homecoming the studying started heavily again and the timetable had to be organized. So there was not much time to amend the experienced.

90 degree high unicylcle - 25.03.2007

The hall is overfull. The viewers are even sitting in the corridors and in the stairway in front of the room to be able to see at least a segment of the show. It's 21:30. I am now for 90 minutes on stage in Heiligenstadt. The end of my routine with the high unicycle is getting closer and all of the sudden: '!?!?!?!?!'

Hochrad-Bruch What did happen?

Well - somehow I was forced to shorten my routine instantly cause the high unicycle did bread in the middle.
I was able to land safely.
The audience did notice it as 'perfectly timed and intended exactly like that'. 'You did press a button somewhere, to make it collapse.'

Of course... ;-)


I did take the pics the day after in my warehouse.

Actually it was a very stable (and expensive) high unicycle. It did serve me very long and often perfectly. Many viewers had a great time laughing during that routine...
It's time to organize a backup fastly. The next shows are waiting.

Viewers Comments

»No viewer will ever forget this again! That the Good News can be communicated so clearly and yet playfully - I would have never expected!«

More feedback and viewers comments in our guestbook.



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