Joy at DAS VIERTE - 25.11.2008

ERF Studio

From the actual NEWSLETTER of ERF:

At Christmas Day 'Best of Gott sei Dank! 2008' is coming

Wetzlar/München (ERF). For christmas the motion picture channel DAS VIERTE (München) is showing their viewers half an hour more ERF programm. At 25th of december (Christmas Day) At 9:30 ERF Medien will broadcast 'Best of Gott sei Dank! 2008' at DAS VIERTE.

During that half hour ERF television will show short inputs of men, who experienced Gods influence personally:

1. Bottle-Hero: Bernhard Höcker is collecting returnable bottles and earning through it a small fortune. But he doesn't keep the money for himself.

2. Jimmy Kelly: The musician from the well-known Kelly Family is telling about the dark sides of success and a second chance in life.

3. Mr. Joy: With illusionist Karsten Stohhäcker alias Mr. Joy is all trickery and yet transcendental.

4. 90 minutes in heaven: Cause of an accident the american preacher Don Piper was 90 minutes dead. He says: 'I was in heaven.'

5. Stop the diet: The austrian writer Doris Reintaler is convinced: Beeing slender exclusively doesn't make happy.

Joy again at ERF television - 08.11.2008

After some shoots for Sat7 (a channel for all arabian countries), which did make a promotional teaser for a 10-part season of Mr.Joy, that is planed for the next year, Mr.Joy was now guest at ERF television again.

They did first visit a show. You can gladly see their montage. Following is a studio interview... Starting form about 7 min of the broadcast:

Broadcast with Mr.Joy

Should the diect link be changed at least a part can be found at youtube.

It will be broadcasted at tuesday 28.10.08 and friday 31.10.08 in each case at 17:30

All beginnings are difficult ;-) Part 2 - 10.07.2008

Not only the escape start for newcomer, but also the daily work in my business is not half bad. Oh well - my job has more integrated than some might think. But watch it for yourself ;-)

All beginnings are difficult ;-) - 19.06.2008

The police department Kaiserslautern did record a captivating story yesterday for their files as 'Failed escape artist':

Quotation (in translation): 'At tuesday evening a 29-year old man did fail at his trying to start a 'carreer' as an escape artist. He auctioned a straight jacket in the internet and than wanted give it a shot. It was no problem to put it on, but taking it off was appearing to be much more difficult.
Cause he didn't manage to escape alone the 29 year old went out in the street, and asked a passerby for help and open the jacket. The puzzled 33 year old man did help him and watch him vanishing in a close entrance. As a precaution the witness did inform the police. They did find the 'escape artist' in conclusion in the property.
The whole thing was pretty embarrassing for the 29 year old man. He promised for the next experiment on himself to start only in the presence of an assistant, who can jump helpfully in case of need...'

Maybe it should be mentioned more often: 'Don't try this at home!' And sometimes also 'adults' should listen. ;-)

I am just now varying one of my escapes from a straight jacket, wrapped additionally by a 20 feet chain secured by massive locks. In the final he get's cooped in a 'Prison Laundry Bag'. Here a passerby would be definatly overstrained in case of needed help.

I am presently continuing to train the acrobatic and fine mechanical abilities. At the end I just now want escape from an additional imprisonment from a double secured 'prisoner interegation cell' (known from the transport of prisoners and dangerous wild animals).

April Fool! - 08.04.2008

No it isn't an april fool, even though the van did get licensed the first of april.

The old magic-van (here a magic trick with it) did accompany long distances and was carrying a lot around. Even though it wasn't very old, it was at his end of his motor power through all the miles on the road.
Let's hope that the further paths stay protected and good ministrations will get possible. ON TOUR - to you!

Freshly laminated the new van (3,5 tons) looks like that:



Let there be light! - 15.03.2008

In cooperation with a great mind and spcialist for illusions directly from Vegas we are able to bring a fascinating illusion on stage. I choreographed it with music and pattern to the theme 'Let there be light'.

The premiere was taking place in front of the eyes of 3.000 youth in the Glaspalast Sindelfingen. Both pictures are taken live from that show.

Es werde Licht!

Es werde Licht!

You can look forward to see this illusion LIVE. The illusion is stong, the pattern is strong - the message is strong!


Picture above: Further impressions of that evening
Picture bellow: Build-up in the afternoon and suspense before the start

Casting-Show-Import from Israel - 06.01.2008

EDIT due to the actual reason: More informations also at the online-article in assignment of 'PRO Medienmagazin'.


Men with paranormal abilities - are there some? Well at least there are many who untruly claim to have this forces, only to dip into one's purse. And the media are knowingly a big part of it (sadly also some broadcasts that are trimmed as 'scientific' but far away from it) - all for the rates.

The next days will be shown a commercial for a paranormal casting show. It was first broadcasted in Israel, than marketed to america as 'Phenomenon' and now bought also by Pro7 as 'The next Uri Geller'. Paranormal is seemly interesting again. What an educated time! A glance in the tv media shows broadcast like 'Buffy im Bann der Dämonen', AkteX, Heroes, 'Sabrina Total verhext', Supernatural, 'Medium Nichts bleibt verborgen', 'Ghost Whisperer Stimmen aus dem Jenseits', 'X Factor Das Unfassbare', 'Angel Jaeger der Finsternis', etc., but also the pretended scientific broadcasts like 'Galileo Mystery'. For example there is explained, that psychokinese (the abiltiy to move things mentally) is established scientific. As expert we see Uri Geller. He wants to be shown often now before the start of the new promoted broadcast to get good rates. Also RTL did avoid (in there show 3 years ago) that he get's exposed. The engagement of an educational man before the show was canceled. They fail their journalistisc debt and avouch truth.

With big sorrows we have to take amateurish research and knowingly uncritical approach. Men get instrumentalized. Some maybe don't care, when people get knowingly mislead - bad enough. Some use this intentional to get rates. Serious journalism is something different and sense of responsibility has NOTHING to do with that, or you would be a bit more careful - especially with keen assumptions! But maybe they don't want to invite experts to not risk, that doubtable/dubios 'stars' reject than and the rates are falling?

Above is a help in german language from me and in the following an international education:

- A summing up video about Geller (from James Randi)

- Cutouts from James Randi:
Referat-Teil 1
Referat-Teil 2
Referat-Teil 3
Referat-Teil 4

- Here the american elucidation site (of paranormal phanomenons)
1 Million dollars are offered for a proving of paranormal abilities under scientific conditions. The money was never touched. See: 'James Randi Educational Foundation' (

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