Today on SWR1 - 13.12.2009

A reporter of SWR1 (Johannes Forster) did journey to one of my October shows to be able to see Mr.Joy live at work. He did get notice of this 'astounding' Combination and did want to know more. In connection with it he hold an interview, did get audience feedbacks and added it now to a broadcast:

Click here - Radio-broadcast on SWR1 of 13.12.09.

New routines - 13.10.2009

Like each year also this year new routines did get trained and integrated in the showreel. I will give a preview on 4 of this routines:
ALready audience approved ans till growing with them is a 'special' lottery game, where in a sense everything works 'good' for the invited player. Acquired Viewers know what is meant with: 'You are lucky! You won't need that ;-)'

And than there is the soon 'worldknown Cassandra'. I let only one thing be said: NOBODY, who did get to know here since the beginning of the year, will forget her! ;-)

On September the 13th my new grand illusion did meet the first real audience. I call the routine: 'Gyro Gearloose'
Here are the first 'spy-pics':

Daniel D

Did you find the new illusion?

Daniel D

There is not much to find. Here you see everything:

Daniel D

Only an empty box that is built live (!) in front and in view of the audience. Nothing to hide...

Daniel D

And than? The surprising is happenning! Look forward to it! It naturally won't be said more here...

At the 10th of October the premier of an (I assume extremly deceptive) illusion with a mirror took place. The mirror can be examined all (!) the time and can be seen close up! Incomprehensible what is happening here! My pattern: 'The mirror knows me!' Here also the first 'spy pics':




Bible students murdered in Jemen - 17.06.2009

The men is supposedly good... How pervert is the men really? That the men are able to murder others, who have one main gain: To help and serve other (especially foreign) people selfless - in this case mainly medically!

Last year I was guest in the bible center Brake for a show and was thrilled by the local love, motivation, respect, sincerity, loyalty, clearness, conscientiousness and once more love for the fellow men - founded in Christ.
God may bless the relatives and give comfort, energy and hope!
Lord help. Thanks for your promise of eternal companionship. Lord help.

Doctors won't get to heaven ;-) - 16.06.2009

STOP!! Naturally total nonsense! Than - why this headline?
There are always difficulties in translations. In the Book of Revelation 21,8 you can read (according to the translation of Luther): 'But the coward and nonbeliever and evil-doer and murderer and obscene and Zauberer - magician and idolater and all liar, their part will be in the puddle, that is burning with fire and sulfur; that's the second death.'

Recently I was confronted with this quotation. Yes, I know these lines and I know them very well. Self-evident (!) I did read this and other similar verses thoroughly. There I am most accurately! In terms of 'verify everything...' - but attention: Very important is therefor to also read the original scripture or let someone research for you.

What is written there in reality? In Greek there is a word, that needs exact interpretation and can not be translated wholesale. The greek word is 'Pharmakos'. The word is known today via the pharmaindustry, pharmacy etc. The term Pharmakos is neutral first of all, because the word can mean 'poisoner' or 'medic', what 'often' coincided in the ancient world but that is not 'obligatory'. (Therefor my taunty hint: 'Doctors won't get into heaven' - NO - not that somebody misunderstands it, THAT is natrually not meant at all! Everyone will realize, that this way of translation doesn't fit at all).
Side note for completeness: In all likelihood here in the book of revelations is also not meant a third possibility of translation-interpretation. Thereafter Pharmakos was a human sacrifice or scapegoat, what was quite spread in the Hellenistic, thus in the Preromanical context. This also wouldn't fit the context, where we have to get now to be able to continue in the examination.

In a translation it's always important to have a view at the context. The direct context of this part of the book of revelations is explicit negativ!! Therefor we have with the utmost probability here the meaning 'poisoner'. Please have a look on your own. Also in the entire biblical context only this word is appropriate.

LUTHER's 'Magos'
Luther is translating it with 'Zauberer - magician'. Here he wants to express 'Magos', the magus (sorcerer). Such a bad guy was BarJesus from Acts 13,6. He was a Magos and a Pseudoprophet, so the greek text (read there). Here must 'Pseudo' be emphasized. This guy was a liar, who pretended to be a prophet and magus. Also (!) the expression 'Magos' is not per se negativ, because it is meant as a kind of 'Science of the future'. Often the 'scientists' were mathematics and astrologer, who did have the gift of observation and calculation. Some of this 'scientifics' are part of the christmas story, take notice - positivly. Magos is mainly somebody, who is interpreting, who can forecast or point the future. In the heathenish context this 'scientists' were often also priests and theologians. There was a mixture between science and mysterium. E.g.g´the prophet Daniel was at that time comprehension definitely a Magos and theologian but no priest. The same applies to Joseph, he was Magos and theologian. They were in the heathen comprehension Magoi, in the Jewish-christian comprehension they were 'prophets'. Yet they can be disposed in the area of the 'absolut myterious' (some did take / take that as definition for occult). We do have christian Magoi also - they are called prophets from us. Such a 'Magos' is Agabus from Acts 21,10 in the new testament, who is predicting the future of Paul. It's a classical divination. Also Paul himself is a 'Magos', because the Holy Spirit inside him is predicting the future.

ZAUBERER in German?
The German translation 'Zauberer' (magician) is by the way etymologically not distinct. We don't know exactly the background of this word and what accuratly is meant with it. There are after all only speculations. Important: It isn't enough, if we define 'Zauberer' via Wikipedia, because there the etymology is already interpretated semantical. Zauberer as a word is not per se negativ because the etymological reconstruction is missing. That would be important for a justified stigmatisation of that word. To begin with Zauberer is 'neutral'. There were medicine men, who did work scientific. Such a 'Pharmakos' was e.g. Paul. He did knew, that Timotheus had problems with his stomach. To help him, he advised him 'scientifically'. In 1. Tim 5,23 Timotheus gets the prescription to drink wine. According to that Paul was a 'scientific' Pharmakos. The medicine was always a battlefield in the battle between science and occultism. As long as outcomes were not understood they were automatically occult. Later the effects could be proven scientifical, than they left the occult area, even though the effect didn't change factically.
Side note: In english there is a classification 'witchcraft' and 'magic' (both is translated as Zauberei in the German) in Durch 'toveren' and 'goochelen' (gaukler - buskers) - both in German translated with 'Zauberei'.

You can use 'magic' as 'poisoner' or 'medic'. Both is possible. (Btw. that applies to ALL gifts, that are given from God! We can use music for praise, but also the contrariwise, and so on. We can be pleased with sex as an marriage present or pervert sexuality.). So once more: You can use 'magic' as 'poisoner' or 'medic'. My work (and the work of christians) shall be revealed through the 'fruits'. Read Matthew 7 for more information! It displays through the fruits. When I (and we christians) arrange 'healings', thorugh bringing the men to the 'healer', than I am a good Pharmakoi! Features my work confusion, fear and transcendental mystery (what is the meaning of occult), than my job is shit.

The opposite of 'Occultism' is 'Apocalypsis', die epiphany or revelation. My job is to be an apocalyptic Pharmakos, who is leading the men to the truth. I am standing in the mission of God, quasi a task force of God, namely an apocalyptic Pharmakoi and am with it glueless in the tradition of Paul.

I am so overwhelmed about that, want to be used, want to serve and am very thankful to be often allowed in seeing fruit!

Impressions - 27.03.2009

From time to time we get sent pictures. Thank you very much and keep them coming!
Here are some impressions of a great night in february 2009:






Here additionally the conclusion of the press...
Click on it an it will open bigger... ;-)


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»No viewer will ever forget this again! That the Good News can be communicated so clearly and yet playfully - I would have never expected!«

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